Organizing Events in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we do not expect that organizing events in Nigeria will be business as usual. Listed below are some anticipated procedures that will allow for large and small gatherings.

It shows that hand wash equipment and hand sanitizing equipment might now become an essential provision for event centers, churches, mosques, hotels, schools, etc.

  • Venue Disinfection: All event centers, hotels, churches, mosques, schools will compulsorily be disinfected before and after every event
  • Hand Wash: Every event centre must provide enough hands-free hand wash basins and hand sanitizing equipment for the guests
  • Covid-19 Prevention Compliance: A credible and reliable security team (known as bouncers) must be present to double as Covid-19 enforcement officers
  • Ambulance Service: Events with over 300 guests in attendance must have a Covid-19 compliance ambulance service stationed at the event center.
  • Nose Mask: No nose mask, no entry. This also applies to organizers, protocol officers, security and every individual present at the venue
  • Hand Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer at the table of every guest before arrival
  • Guests Per Table: Each table will now only accommodate a maximum of 5 guests with each guest sitting six feet away from the next
  • Disposable Plates: Disposable plates, spoons and cups will now be the new normal
  • No More Clustering: Clustering, and spraying of cash will no longer be allowed anytime during the event including during photograph and dance sessions

As a company with over 7 years dominance in the WASH industry, we present three different options for hand wash that you can deploy for your organisation. All affordable and only based on your preference

Imported Hands-free Hand Wash Units: A two-station hand washing facility, sealed fresh water tank for added hygiene. The sealed tank allows for the use of chlorine tablets to kill harmful bacteria that may be living in the water, helping protect the user and the public from harm

Locally Made DIY Hand Wash Units: A single station unit that allows for manual or self help operation, branded for the organization.

Executive Mobile Toilets

Portable Toilets with Hand Wash Units: A spacious, well ventilated, low-maintenance, and easy-to-service mobile restroom unit that comes with a hands-free foot pump toilet and hand wash.

EMToilets offers the cleanest, classiest and most affordable hand wash and hand sanitizer unit in Nigeria. You can opt for outright purchase, but when you rent facilities with us, it comes with attendants to help manage your event to ensure compliance to Covid-19 rules, free of charge.

Call EMToilets now on 08098865264 for your hand wash units, hand sanitizing units, mobile toilet units.

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