These are the 5 features to ask for when renting mobile toilets

Mobile toilets or portable toilets are designed in such a way that they will be easy to move around and at the same time, should have all the features you would normally have in the toilet at home.

A portable or mobile toilet works by flushing and carrying waste away like every other regular toilet. However, instead of the waste being transported to a sewer, it goes into a waste holding tank. In the waste holding tank there are chemicals that break down the solid waste kills germs, destroys smells and reduces toilet paper.

In order to operate efficiently and serve customers satisfactorily, every mobile or portable toilet you rent has to come with more than just the waste holding tank feature. For instance, as mentioned above, you already know the mobile toilet you are renting must come along with chemicals. Other features like cloth hanger, hand wash system, urinal, etc are as important as well. it is therefore necessary for you to ask your mobile toilet rental company if the mobile toilet you will be provided with has the following features:

Will the Mobile / Portable Toilet Come with a Hand Sanitizer?

In this era of Coronavirus, I believe everyone should now be familiar with hand sanitizers. In a typical social gathering where mobile toilets are used, there will be a lot of physical contacts in the form of hand shakes, moving of chairs with the hands, hugging, lifting objects and much more. All of these activities expose hands to harmful germs and bacteria

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC, hand sanitizer is one of the best tools available to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. The toilet is the best and most strategic place to position hand sanitizers

Does the Mobile / Portable Toilet have a Mordern Flushing Mechanism?

This is one of the major factors that differentiate a mordern mobile toilet from an old-school one. Even though it is phased out in all developed countries, you will still find manual flush mobile / portable toilets being rented out. They are manual in the sense that the user has to go in with a bowl of water to pour in after use.

you could ordinarily say that there is nothing wrong with this manual flush system because that is how some people’s toilets are in their homes, but considering the fact that these mobile toilets will be used by many people, the safest way to use it is to try as much as possible to avoid letting your hands touch any thing in the toilet.

hence, the best type of mobile / portable toilet is the one with a foot flush system whereby after use, the user steps on the pump that will create pressure which circulates the water and/or chemicals contained within the tank through a pipe to be transported to the toilet pan.

Does the Mobile / Portable Toilet have a Hand Wash Facility?

You should always insist on portable toilets / mobile toilets that have a hand wash facility because, more than ever before, hand washing has become critical to reducing the spread of Covid-19, cholera and typhoid.

The hand wash facility should come with a running water, soap or sanitizer, and other restroom essentials to make users feel more at home.

Will a Stand-by Cleaner Accompany the Toilets?

A Mobile / portable toilet without proper maintenance service is not effective. The essence of a stand-by cleaner is to keep the toilet clean for the next user. To remind every user to always flush, use sanitizers or soap, to wash the toilet pan in case there is a stain and to generally ensure the toilet is in perfect condition for the next user.

You cannot possibly trust every si gle person that uses a mobile / poryable toilet hence the need for a stand-by mobile toilet cleaner. Without them, the mobile / portablè toilet will become messed up after just a few people have used it.

Why Go Far? Ask for Executive Mobile Toilets

Asides the essentials, Executive Mobile Toilets always ensures that you get the best royal servive by always delivering on time, we will always come with a clean and beautiful portable / mobile toilet. Our cleaners are professional and well trained to be respectful.

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